What is the best way to upload files when having multiple projects?

It seems that this can be done by neptune data upload --project-key XYZ, although this is not clear from the documentation… Is there a way to switch the default project for the CLI?

Maybe neptune data should be more verbose about the current project? (E.g. neptune data ls does not state the project name.)

Yes, as you have noticed inputs are configured per project. And, if you want to upload data to project other than sandbox (–project-key SAN), you need to specify --project-key XYZ switch.

If you want to work on some project all the time, you can put project-key: XYZ in your global .neptune.yaml file (~/.neptune.yaml on Unix and %USERPROFILE%\.neptune.yaml on windows).

Thanks for the suggestion of adding project name to output of neptune data commands.