Warning when sending API token as parameter

The following generate a warning:

project = neptune.init(project_qualified_name='username/project',

The warning is:

WARNING: It is not secure to place API token in your source code. You should treat it as a password to your account. It is strongly recommended to use NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN environment variable instead. Remember not to upload source file with API token to any public repository.

Clearly, the API token is not in my source code. Is it possible to disable this warning??


If you already exported NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN environment variable you can just call
project = neptune.init('username/project')

We’ll extract the token and you won’t get the warning.

From python’s code point of view, it’s impossible to know if you passed us a constant or a value you retrieved in a secure way, so we print yhe warning if api_token parameter is set in any way.

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Yes, this makes sense. Thanks.