Uploaded data not in uploads folder

Hi all i have uploaded my data-set (1.1GB of data) using this command :
neptune data upload Images_download -r

It is a folder structure filled with images.

The upload was successful, however inside the uploads folder it says ‘folder is empty’.

The file is clearly uploaded because it says on my account dashboard that “Storage used
1.17 GB”
What’s wrong with it?

There seems to be a problem with the UI. When i run :
neptune data ls
It shows that the data is there. But it doesn’t appear on the file browser.

I am still unable to access it within my python script.

Ok it seems the problem is that i did’nt specify the project folder when i uploaded my data. Here is the new command:
neptune data upload Images_downloaded -r --project AA

AA being the project name.

Hi @xxdaggerxx,

Thanks for your suggestions. We will update documentation.