Tensorboard not syncing

Dashboard on Neptune is not showing the latest information happening on tensorboard. I am on epoch 40, but the dashboard still shows the epoch at 30 only. How to sync the info?

hey @learning_dl,

There is a slight delay (usually around 5 seconds) between the state of your training script and the information that is displayed in the Neptune UI. SO if your epoch is quick, then you may observe such difference.

Also please take into consideration that tensorboard runs on your local machine while Neptune is a hosted service. Slower Internet connection may enlarge the difference you mentioned.

All in all, no worries, Neptune will be eventually updated with all the data :slight_smile:


Hi @learning_dl

How long is the delay? Is it synchronized already?

No, It is not synchronizing even with the delay. I have to delete the experiment, run the export command, and Neptune sync again to get the updated tensorboard. I am running an experiment with yolov5 script. So don’t whether the problem is with that or any other.

Hey @learning_dl,

@Wajcha can you take a closer look?



Have you called neptune.integrate_with_tensorboard() to initialize sync continuous sync between Tensorboard and Neptune?