Recover output in successful run but wrong output folder

Hello everyone

I ran the following model:

Nevertheless now I can’t find the outputs of the experiment such as checkpoints or submission file.

It was supposed to be in the experiment folder but it’s not.

It seems I made a mistake, used output/experiment instead of /output/experiment

Bu the model ran fine without giving errors,

Is it possible to recover the output or I’ve just lost 12 hours of paid GPU

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ronaldo,

It should be here: . Basically you go to experiment’s summary tab, and then section ‘output’ - you will have a link to file browser. Pls let me know if it worked. Cheers, Piotr

Hi @ronaldokun,

Unfortunately if you saved your output data in output/experiment path in your working directory (instead of /output/experiment in root) it can not be recovered after experiment is end. We will discuss possibility of changing this behaviour to avoid future loss.

Hello Wajcha,

Well, no point in whining now.

it will serve me to pay closer attention next time.

Awesome cloud infrastructure by the way.