[Q] Can I log videos?


is there a way to log image arrays so that they are visualized as GIF or video?

Thank you.

Hey @andre.cavalcante,

Nice question!

In such case I recommend to log GIF or video embedded inside HTML file. Here is an example how to do it quickly: https://docs.neptune.ai/integrations/html.html

In this way you will have GIFs/videos in the “Artifacts” tab in the single experiment view, like here: https://ui.neptune.ai/o/USERNAME/org/example-project/e/HELLO-324/artifacts?path=charts%2F

Note that you need to prepare GIF or video upfront. For creating GIFs I recommend gif package: https://github.com/maxhumber/gif. It’s really easy to use, here is nice tutorial: https://calmcode.io/matplot-gif/introduction.html

Hope this helps.