Problem to access uploaded files

Hey !

I am trying to use for my machine learning application but I have a small problem :

I can’t access the data I uploaded in my project when I use my notebook although I tried to follow the steps :

  • Uploads the data from command Line : I can see the folder in my uploads section of the project
  • Use that path to launch the notebook : I put the path test_images when I created my notebook
    And now when I try to use the images in the notebook I don’t have the “Browse files” panels as indicated in your tutorial :

I tried to search into the “Output” section but the folder is empty.
Thank you very much for your help,



Looks like we missed it when we updated our page recently, thanks for pointing that out.

So, here’s what you need to do to access your data,

Technically, inputs are dynamically added to your experiment and are not a part of Source code or Output, but you can show list of used inputs in Details tab to check which inputs you used:

Good luck with your experiments :slight_smile:

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Hubert Jaworski

Thank you very much, actually the path for me was …/input/images

Everything’s fine now :smile:

Best Regards,