Neptune run fails with error .GitCommandNotFound

I am completely new here and I try to run Neptune after a successful installation.

I get this Trace stack. Can someone help to understand what is expected here?

  File "C:\Users\Jerome\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\git\", line 630, in execute
    raise GitCommandNotFound(str(err))
git.exc.GitCommandNotFound: [WinError 87] The parameter is incorrect

Thx for the tips

Neptune automatically tracks basic info about your Git repository.
To do that neptune-cli uses git command. In your case neptune-cli fails to find git command.
Thanks for reporting this bug, we will take care of this on Monday.
Until then you can try installing git using this instructions. When git command will be available in your terminal neptune-cli should run smoothly.

Thx Rafal for your message.

You mention instructions in the below link. The link redirects to download Git but I cannot see any specific instructions.
Is there something specific to follow for the git install?
Thx again for your help, I look forward playing with Neptune.

You can download *.exe file from this page. Execute the file, this will install git.

Hey Rafal,

Git was already installed on my computer, it still does not work. Same error message.
It looks the installation is not straight forward

We will take a look at this problem tomorrow and let you know.


I reproduced the issue and we already work on the fix. In the meantime you can uninstall git and install it again making sure it is added to the PATH.


This should make the neptune client work.


Bug is already fixed. I encourage you to upgrade as soon as a new version is available.


@JayDolphin Please upgrade your neptune-cli. This issue was fixed in version 2.0.24