Neptune-cli only recognizes python scripts?

This is not a docker-specific issue, but here’s the scenario: I have a docker env set up on my Mac, and in this env, I do things like ./ blah blah. Now what I want to be able to do:

neptune send " blah blah" --worker gcp-gpu-medium --environment pytorch-0.1.12-gpu-py3

But this results in an error

Executable ' blah blah' does not exist

I think it should allow arbitrary commands to be run, not just python scripts.

To take an even more basic example, if I simply say

neptune send "echo hello" --worker gcp-gpu-medium --environment pytorch-0.1.12-gpu-py3

it should work, but it complains saying

Executable 'echo hello' does not exist.

Thanks for the report. We are currently working on this feature. It should be available in the next few weeks.

@pchalasani Please upgrade neptune-cli. In version 2.0.24 we introduced --command parameter that addresses your problem.

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