Neptune 2.8 Release

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to share some more information about the just-released version of Neptune.

Here are the highlights:

Changes in Neptune CLI

CLI Structure

Our Command-line interface was redesigned a bit and structurized to be easier to use. Parameters were described more comprehensively.

Old structure (neptune-cli 2.7.9)

run          Enqueue an experiment and immediately execute it on the local machine.
send         Send an experiment that can be executed on workers.
notebook     Create a notebook that can be executed on workers.
ls           List project leaderboard or group leaderboard. By default, project leaderboard.
abort        Abort experiments or groups. By default, experiments
trash        Trash experiments or groups.
restore      Restore experiments or groups.
delete       Delete experiments or groups.
login        Login to Neptune.
logout       Logout from current session.
action       Perform or view actions.
show         Display detailed information about experiments and groups of experiments.
data         Manage storage data.
project      Manipulate projects.

New structure (neptune-cli 2.8.0)

Running Experiments

  neptune run                       Run a new experiment locally.
                                    Alias for `neptune experiment run`.

  neptune send                      Run a new experiment in the cloud.
                                    Alias for `neptune experiment send`.

  neptune experiment run            Run a new experiment locally.
  neptune experiment send           Run a new experiment in the cloud.
  neptune experiment send-notebook  Start a new Jupyter notebook in the cloud.
  neptune experiment abort          Stop an experiment.
  neptune experiment list           List current experiments.

Managing Data in Neptune

  neptune data upload               Upload data to Neptune storage.
  neptune data download             Download data from Neptune storage.
  neptune data ls                   Browse your datasets and results.
  neptune data rm                   Remove data from Neptune storage.


  neptune account login             Log into your Neptune account.
  neptune account logout            Log out of your Neptune account.


  neptune project activate          Change active Neptune project.

When trying to use old command set you will get instructions on how to instal old-style CLI. Old CLI will be maintained until 15th of May 2018.

See example below:

neptune login
Command 'login' is no longer supported. See 'neptune account login -h' for more information.

If you need time to migrate to the new command set, install neptune-cli in an older version:
`pip install "neptune-cli>=2.7.9,<2.8.0"`

Running Experiments

We’re introducing an important change in how experiment commands are built. Previously, to pass parameters to your code, you would do something like

neptune send \
    --environment keras-2.0-gpu --worker gcp-gpu-large \ -- '--param-1 value --param-2 another-value'

Now, we’re dropping the double dash (--) requirement and you can write your command more naturally:

neptune send \
    --environment keras-2.0-gpu --worker gcp-gpu-large \ --param-1 value --param-2 another-value

If you needed more control over how your code is being executed, previously you could use --command.

neptune send \
    --environment keras-2.0-gpu --worker gcp-gpu-large \
    --command bash -- '-c " data.csv > preprocessed_data.csv"'

Now it’s much simpler:

neptune send \
    --environment keras-2.0-gpu --worker gcp-gpu-large \
    bash -c " data.csv > preprocessed_data.csv"

Browser tab text title and favicons

We have been displaying pretty random text on a tab title before and it wasn’t easiest to find the tab with particular experiment.

Tab text title before:

We have changed it and now the tab text always contains shortened and full name of the project/experiment. What’s more favicon on the experiment page has the same color as experiment status so current status of experiment is visible even without opening the tab.

Tab text and favicons after:

Properties/Variables tab

Properties tab in the experiment view was renamed to Summary to make it more consistent with the rest of the application.

Previously, when running

neptune run --properties model:fasterRCNN`

the property model:fasterRCNN appeared in the Variables tab, which has now been merged into the experiment’s Summary in the Properties section.

Before, Variables and Properties view:

After, Summary view:

Key-Value Properties name in the manage columns section was changed to Properties to unify terminology across the application.

Before (Key-Value Properties) and after (Properties):


Let us know what you think! :slight_smile: