Multiple metrics on a single graph

How do I plot multiple metrics on a single graph ?
Our GA application runs its breeding experiments on different “islands” to evolve candidates that conform to a certain “fitness” metric, then take the “most fit” from each island and then hosts “runoffs” to further evolve a “champion” or “champions”.

Right now, my code just spawns a graph per trait per island and it’s quite a lot of graphs to sit through,
How can I take all the traits that are being selected for and plot that on a single island graph ?

Which is to say that I’d like to have one graph for island_0 and another for island_1 and island_2 and so on. Is this possible with the default Neptune graphing system or do I need to use something like matplotlib or plotly ?

Hey @espressobot,

Good question!

Depends on what you need:

Multiple metrics on a single graph in the single experiment

Go to charts -> + Add charts' set -> This view is to create charts with multiple metrics on it.

Multiple metrics on a single graph accross experiments

Here you can use compare. You do it like this:

Hi thanks for this info. The “compare” function looks particularly useful.
I’m not sure what the “Add Chart’s Set” function does ? I couldn’t get the metrics I’d added to show up on one chart. They just seem to show up as separate ones.

Our app creates separate “islands” for certain test populations to evolve in, but each island contains the same metric names. I would like to do is map all the metrics from island N onto a single graph and then have all the metrics from island N’ on a graph for side-by-side comparison.

Is this possible ?