Managing Queue of Jobs

Assume that experiment are done locally. When Grid-Search are used, the Queue of jobs is created (ex. 5).
Then I would also make another Grid-Search with different parameters, would I would like to wait until first Grid-Search experiments will end. So I would like to add Job/Experiment to queue and wait here. As I understand, it is not possible currently. Could we add such functionality?

Currently I’m using just Task Spooler, but I’m just thinking that it would be easier to use directly in Neptune.

Hi @melgor,

I think that this feature request falls into a more general support for local infrastructure category. Neptune will always support local machines and we plan to only improve the quality of this support in the future.

The feature you propose makes sense, but should be considered in a wider scope - what if I run experiments on separate machines? What if I run experiments on the sam machine in 2 different projects? What If I have an entire cluster of machines at my disposal and want to schedule experiments effectively using Neptune?

We plan to answer those questions at some point :slight_smile:.