Launched: Public project exploration and new projects view

Hi! :wave:

We have made some changes to the Neptune recently. :rocket:

Public projects exploration

Discover and explore projects with the new Explore view in the app UI. It is open to everybody - even not registered Users - and available here:
I encourage you to check what we have there… and stay tuned for more! :sunglasses:

Projects new look

You can now browse projects separately for each organization that you belongs to. We are also happy to introduce stars :star: and project starring. New projects view allows you to browse starred projects as well :sunglasses: (check left side of the screen below).


Last but not the least you can upload or edit your avatar. Isn’t it cool to see your own face while browsing projects? :blush:
Don’t hesitate to add it to your Neptune account!

What now?

  1. Add or edit your avatar.
  2. Explore public data science projects and pick your favourite, by adding your star :star:.
  3. Check out new Projects tab with massively improved UX :wink:.

Any comments on the recent changes?
As usual, I’m more than curious to know. Don’t hesitate to write a comment below that post.