Launched: Notebooks comparison 🤩

Hi folks! :wave:

Two weeks ago we released Notebooks workspace in Neptune, where you can track and version your notebooks with a single click from a Jupyter extension.
Now it's time to announce a new 🔥hot feature 🔥 in this space!

You can now compare Notebooks just like source code :star_struck:

:bookmark_tabs: Notebooks comparison

Select two Notebooks and compare their content - code, outputs and execution count - side-by-side just like source code. Differences are highlighted distinctly so you never miss an important change.
The compare view lets you look at a diff between checkpoints of the same notebook, or two entirely different notebooks.

Check this example yourself or read more about Notebooks comparison feature in our documentation.


:mag_right: Did you know that…

… to start working with notebooks in Neptune you simply need to install and enable our extension:

pip install neptune-notebooks

jupyter nbextension enable --py neptune-notebooks

That’s it! You are ready to track, organize and collaborate on your Notebooks!

Let us know what you think about notebook compare functionality - as always we are eager to hear your feedback.

Ps. If you missed our last release notes about Notebooks space and Jupyter extension you can find it here.