Launched: Experiment comparision, Wiki widgets 1.0, User management

Hi folks! :wave:

The new version of Neptune offers not only a lot nicer, more usable user interface. There are quite a few new features introduced as well.

Experiment comparison

So far, there were 3 types of bulk operations that you could do on your experiments: Manage tags, Abort and move to Trash. We have added a 4th option - Compare, to give you the ability to compare your runs with each other and share your findings with others.

Start with checking the comparison of the learning curves example here.


Wiki widgets 1.0

Since new tracking allows you to capture all the artifacts relevant to your project we would like to enable you to directly interact with those artifacts inside of the Wiki space.

Wiki is a perfect place to document your projects, describe the results and locate reports.

You can mention people and point to experiments, charts, or code. Use “/” when editing the page and check what options are available today.

Be ready for more widgets to come! We are working hard to significantly reduce time spent on creating documentation.


User management

With the new Neptune’s pricing, you can invite people to join your team organization or your individual projects (check pricing for more details). Decide on the level of access by giving different roles to different people. Take advantage of the enabled team collaboration today!


:mag_right: Did you know that…

You can easily integrate Tensorboard with Neptune? Read more here!

We have a roadmap full of new features and improvements that supports this vision for the product development. Want to know what we are working on right now?

We are always open for your comments and feedback - contact us!