Launched: Bulk operations, activity log, app navigation changes and much more!

Hi :wave:

New year, better Neptune! We are happy to announce several changes to Neptune. Take a closer look at what’s new:

Collective actions on multiple experiments

New, highly anticipated feature has just been released! Now you can add new tag to many experiments in a single action. Collective experiment abort is also available. Bulk operations can save you a lot of time.

Activity log

Your friend started new experiment and achieved interesting results? From now on, all experiment status changes are presented on the home screen (click on our logo at the top left corner to see home screen).

One place to switch between your accounts

No more mixing of work-related projects with private side-projects! If you use both private account and team account, you are able to switch between them by using new navigation widget. From now on, you will only see contents related to selected account.

Projects relevant to the currently selected account

Depending which account did you choose (switcher at the top right side), “Projects” button will lead you only to the projects relevant to that account. You will never mix side projects with work-related ones!

New location for enterprise billings and usage details

From now on, you have single place to manage all your enterprise settings. Select account (top right side of the screen), then click on “Settings” blue button. What you see are usage statistics (previously on the home screen), detailed billings and team management view.

New location for your account settings with billings and usage details

Introducing single place to manage individual account settings. Click on your avatar to see drop down menu, then select “Settings” option. What you see are usage details (previously located on the overview screen) and detailed billings.

:mag_right: Did you know that…

You can see source code associated with your experiment in a dedicated place. See an example here:

Let us know what do you think about recent UI changes and new features.