Launched: Bookmarks, changes in library structure and more


A few cool changes has been introduced to Neptune recently.

Project bookmarks

Tired of maintaining project documentation in many places?
Lost reference source? Not any more! With new bookmarks feature you can effortlessly save any link with it’s label.

You can now have a list of links relevant to your project. They can be links to your code repository, or competition you’re participating in - anything that you or people visiting your project may find useful.


Check how our team is using bookmarks in the Open Solution to Kaggle’s TGS Salt Identification Challange.

Library structuture

We have applied small changes to the Neptune librarys structure.
Instead of using:

from deepsense import neptune
ctx = neptune.Context()

you are now able to write:

import neptune
ctx = neptune.Context()

Don’t worry, we’re backwards compatible - you can change your code only if you want :slight_smile: like files preview support

You can now enjoy the preview of .md files like or directly in the Files space.

Emoticons support in markdown

Finally you can use emoticons to emphisize your message when describing a project.

As usual we’re more than eager to hear your feedback!
Don’t hesitate to try new features yourself.

Cheers v