Inconsistency in storage usage statistics

I’m noticing a large inconsistency between project storage usage and a total size of experiments reported by WebUI (for this project)

We have 5 people working on the project. I’ve calculated upper estimate of total storage taken for each person as number_of_experiments * size_of_maximal_experiment (maximal size taken from UI after sorting via size column). This gave me only 258 GB size while WebUI shows 613 GB of taken storage for this project. Here is spreadsheet with calculation.

Our quota for this organization is running out and we already removed most of the experiments from this project. We can do further cleaning but it would be useful to know the accurate statistics to do so.

I’ll also note that our thrash is empty, and last major cleaning was done more than a few days ago.


Hi @KonradCzechowski,

Thanks for reporting it.

@Wajcha can you take a closer look?


Hi @KonradCzechowski,

According to my investigation most of your storage is occupated by values in channels (about 466GB).
Most of the biggest experiments was created by single user and are in trash.
Unfortunatelly, they were not visible for you because of a bug. We are working on fixing this issue. You should see them in trash soon.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks @Wajcha! I’m looking forward to deleting most of them for good :slight_smile: