Having a way to quickly filter out trash, short-living jobs

When I’m working on developing a stable experiment, it usually takes at least few tries.

It means that I will produce few failed-status, short-living jobs until I finally get all details right.

Now I am forced to manually sieve through my experiment list and put all irrelevant experiments in trash.

It would be useful to be able to create a custom filter that uses job duration. That way I could create a custom filter ‘to be trashed’ with jobs that have duration <= 2 minutes and aborted/failed status.

Or there could be ‘Duration’ filter on the list header next to ‘Time’ filter.

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Thanks for feedback,

We’ll discuss it internally.

In the meantime you could use a different tag each time you start a new batch of work and then easily filter by them.

Later you could remove that tag from your final result in the project leaderboard

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Hi @ajk .
What I usually/sometimes do, is when running neptune run ... command I add --tag trash and later simply filter by trash and remove. That being said duration filter would be quite usefull.

By the way, I have just posted on medium about organizing creative iterations with filters and tags. You may find it usefull.