Google AI Open Images Competition Launch: Detect Objects in Varied and Complex Images

Good day )) it is possible to add dataset from new Google AI competition to public directory?

Hi @Alexander,

Let me take a look at the dataset and its license. I will get back to you soon :slight_smile:

Hi, Kamil ))
Thank you ))

Hi @Alexander,
under the directory: /public/challenges/google-ai-open-images-object-detection-track/ you will find Kaggle data, that is:

  1. (challenge2018_test when unzipped)
  2. (sample_submission.csv when unzipped).

Besides this, following directories contain data retrieved from Open Images Dataset V4, Object Detection track:

  1. annotations
  2. imageIds
  3. metadata

Please refer to the Object Detection track for more details. We are still working on providing images (560GB) :slight_smile:



Under the directory: /public/datasets/open-images-dataset-v4/bounding-boxes/ you can find folders with data namely:

  • train
  • validation
  • test
  • test_challenge_2018 (test set for the competition purposes)

Kamil Kaczmarek


Thank you )) good luck in competition