Hallo neptune,
We are currently writing some artifacts during each training iteration and I want to download only the latest one(With the iteration stored in the name). Sadly I have not seen any way too look at the key and find the highest one so I can only download that. It would seem the best way so far is to download the zip and then search there. Would it be possible to have a function, that returns all the names of all artifacts in a given experiment?

Thank you for your help.

Hey @gereon.vienken,

Thanks for reaching out! I think that right now it is most convenient to do, what you just proposed (download ZIP -> search there).

Better experience would be to use method like the one below, that list all artifacts (with path) for given experiment:


Would that be useful to you?


Hay @kamil.kaczmarek,
thank you for the fast reply.
Yeah right now i use zipfile and namelist() to go through the folder. If list_artifacts() could return that list without the need to download the folder, that would be great.
right now we get file names and folder names which works fine for us. We could also work with something that would only return the file names as long as they contain the entire path.
So either:

[phase1/, phase1/map1, phase1/map1/checkpoint1, phase1/map1/ckeckpoint2,…etc]

or only


Don’t know which of those would be easier for you or more appealing to other people^^


Hey @gereon.vienken,

Thanks for this info!

I’ll check with our engineers (@piotr.lusakowski), and get back to you later :slight_smile: