Filtering channels based on a regex (similarly to tensorboard)

In tensorboard user can filter out channels using a regex. Similar thing would be usefull for my use-case.

In my experiment I am running benchmark scenario once in while and I have distinct channel for each benchmark values.

Ex, I have channels:

  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__mean_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__sum_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO1__episodes
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__mean_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__sum_score
  • benchmark__SCENARIO2__episodes
  • (…) other scenarios

If I could filter out channels using regex, I could quickly check out charts for SCENARIO1. Or I could quickly check out mean_scores for all scenarios. Regex gives me flexibility here!

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Hi @ajk,

Thanks for the request. We’ll try to fit it into our roadmap.


This would super useful.

I’m using tensorflow integration and have 124 charts. Good luck with finding the important chart without any filtering mechanism.