Fail to run neptune commands

neptune login is running after which if I follow the tutorials as given I am unable to run the example with command neptune run
Following is the error given by my system:
(neptune) manishhag@manishhag-HP-Pavilion-g4-Notebook-
PC:~/Desktop/neptune_test/neptune-examples/1-hello-gradient-descent$ neptune run
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'requirements.txt’
Sentry is attempting to send 1 pending error messages
Waiting up to 10 seconds
Press Ctrl-C to quit

Also please let me know if neptune login is affected by executed in different directories.

Hi @321manish123 ,

Thanks for your report.
Can you attach neptune.yaml located in ~/Desktop/neptune_test/neptune-examples/1-hello-gradient-descent?
neptune login is not affected by working directory.

Here is the attached link which contains the .yaml file as required.

Do you have .neptune.yaml file in your home directory? Does it contain pip-requirements-file field (

I do not have .neptune.yaml in home but there is requirement.txt file there.

You have specified pip-requirements-file somewhere in your config.
Neptune cli creates config from yaml files and command line arguments as described here:
Can you double check that you don’t have invalid pip-requirements-file: requirements.txt in any of places specified in documentation?

I have settled down with the issue. I made an empty requirements.txt file and the thing ran.