Example of alias usage


When creating a chart inside a chart-set, the pop-up windows has an “Alias” section that says: “Aliases allow you to assign the same name to several numeric logs”. I don’t really understand what this means and I cannot find anything on aliases in the documentation.
Can you provide an example showing what these aliases do?
Many thanks!


The idea for aliases is to allow you to merge two metrics into one. For example, when you have metric: acuracy and accuracy -> you want to have them as one column.

You create alias here:

it’s experiments’ view, for example: https://ui.neptune.ai/o/USERNAME/org/example-project/experiments?viewId=3f1c66c8-325a-4789-8182-44d7168e475c

then you can use them as column in the experiments table or in charts’ set as you mentioned.


Originally posted on spectrum on Mar 2, 2020, migrated here on Jun 5, 2020.