Delete experiments (in batches larger than 50)

I have a project in which there are several experiments I want to keep, and few thousands of experiments I would like to permanently delete (to free storage). For now the best method I found is to add common tag for unnecessary experiments via API and then remove them with WebUI in batches of 50 (first move them to thrash, then delete them permanently). This is very slow and mundane process, it would be great if I could delete all of such experiments at once.

Hi @KonradCzechowski,

Thanks for reporting this.

For now - slight improvement - is to remove more than 50 experiments at once using UI. It will save you few clicks :slight_smile:

Hope this helps a bit.

For now we do not have Python method for removing experiments.


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It is indeed a much faster method, thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe we should provide “Reverse selection” button. What do you guys think?

Hi @Wajcha, what do you mean by “reverse selection button”?

Sorry, I ment “invert” - unselect every selected exp and select every not selected.

If this way one could select all the experiments (meeting some criteria) from given project this would solve my problem entirely. For now, with single click you only can select (or add to selected) experiments displayed at current page (maximum of 50 experiments)

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