App and monitoring

Hello everyone !

I really like your job at neptune ai and I hope you will keep it like this ^^

Given that I often run experiments, on a VM and do something else, I was wondering if you could do an App that can be used on your smartphone to give an interface of the current state of the experiments.

It would be great to receive a notification on your smartphone when your experience finishes or crashes, or if you could quickly watch the current state of your training and see for instance your model starts to overfit massively and you should restart with more regularization instead of waiting for it to finish.

Thanks and have a great day ^^

Hello Dany!

We are super happy to hear you like our tool :slight_smile: I promise it will only get better :slight_smile:
Regarding your feature request - we do consider having a mobile interface in the future. I will pass your feedback to our product team.

For now, maybe you will find this bot useful?

Please let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

This is my humble opinion but I hate bots because I think it’s just a clumsy interface that could be replaced by a real UI.

In the case of neptune ai, I think it would be all the more relevant to have an App because you want to be able to see graphs, compare results, and all, and it would be just extremly annoying to type all that in a messaging app. Also, it’s better to have different notifications, as I would react differently to a Telegram notification, than to a custom neptune ai App ^^

Got it :slight_smile:

And thank you once again for sharing your feedback with us.
We will keep you posted! :slight_smile: