Ability to specify running "neptune account login" in non-GUI mode

When running neptune account login on a machine over SSH, if the machine has an X server running then instead of getting a “visit this url” prompt it opens a browser, with apparently no way to force the non-GUI method of authenticating neptune.

The result of this is that Firefox is opened up on the remote machine and x forwarded to my machine, however firefox is so slow over X forwarding that it is impossible to login and authenticate. There should be a command line flag to force the behaviour of not needing to use the GUI so that I can login on these machines.

In the meantime I have used a workaround of disabling the X server on my machine so neptune does not detect it.

Hi @anokas,

Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely add such flag.

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Good news - we’re testing next CLI release that allows you to do that - you will be able to do this by simply calling neptune account login --open-webbrowser=false. This will print out a link you need to put into browser and copy the code you receive back into CLI stdin (after you log in)

For now you can call

neptune account login

to achieve similar effect.

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Quick update - we just released new version of our CLI (2.8.16) with this chage

Feel free to use type

neptune account login --open-webbrowser=false

It will print a link:

Please follow https://auth.neptune.ml/auth/realms/neptune/protocol/openid-connect/auth?client_id=neptune-cli&redirect_uri=https://neptune.ml/get-cli-token&response_mode=fragment&response_type=code&scope=openid to obtain authentication token.

Authentication token:

After you follow the link you’ll be asked to log in.
Then you need to copy&paste authorization code in your console

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