Ability to create a new project programmatically


It’d be great if we could expose a REST API or a provision in the client-sdk to create a new proejct programmatically.


Hi @akbedi,

Could you please elaborate on how this would be useful for you?

Hi @piotr.lusakowski,

I have data models where I have 1:n mapping from use-case to experiments-to-perform.
I’m writing a service for my use which can take input a use-case and perform(and log on neptune) multiple experiments for that use-case. I need to be able to create a separate neptune.project for each use-case to store the experiments only for that use-case in the corresponding Project.

Hope this explains my use case.

We usually think of projects as something akin to e.g. Github repositories - they’re rarely created serially.

Within a project you can segment experiments using tags, naming schemes, parameter values, etc. So, you could for example create a view where you only see experiments tagged with use-case-A, and another where you’d see experiments tagged with use-case-B.

Would that approach work for you? If not, could you please explain why?