A bunch of new helpers in neptune-contrib

Hi folks,

I’ve added quite a few helpers to neptune-contrib and I figured I’d compile a list of all of those here.
You can always stay up to date by checking the read-the-docs page.
Anyhow, here are the updates:

Data versions

log_data_version and log_s3_data_version
Those methods help you with versioning your datasets.
Whether it’s a file, a folder, or an s3 bucket you can log data version to Neptune.
For example:

from neptunecontrib.versioning.data import log_data_version

with neptune.create_experiment():

creates data version properties in Neptune:

log_image_dir_snapshots is a helper that lets you create a mosaic image of a sample of images from your image directory and log that to Neptune.
If your image_dir has subdirectories for classes it will create a mosaic for each class.
It is very simple to run:

from neptunecontrib.versioning.data import log_image_dir_snapshots

PATH = '/path/to/data/my_image_dir'

with neptune.create_experiment():

and results in the following snapshot channel:

Code Snapshots

get_filepaths helps you create a list of all the files with given extensions in your project so that you can log them to Neptune.
It works like this:

from neptunecontrib.api.utils import get_filepaths


and now all your scripts are logged to Source code section.
Check this experiment for example.

Logging matplotlib figures and pickled objects

send_figure will take your matplotlib figure and send that to Neptune.
Saves a few boilerplate lines:

from neptunecontrib.monitoring.utils import send_figure

with neptune.create_experiment():
   fig, ax = plt.subplots()

pickle_and_send_artifact takes your python object, pickles it, and logs this pickled file to Neptune:

from neptunecontrib.monitoring.utils import pickle_and_send_artifact

with neptune.create_experiment():
   rf = RandomForestClassifier()
   pickle_and_send_artifact(rf, 'rf.pkl')

Feedback/ideas for the future

If you like any of those, have an idea for a helper please leave a comment or drop an issue directly to neptune-contrib github page.